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Unable To Decide Your Stand In This All-time High Market, Wondering Whether To Invest More Or Book Profits.While Everyone Sees It As An All-time High Market, We See It As A Till Date High Market. 4 things to do when the stock market is trading at all time high.

5 Types of Life Insurance

When we think about money, the first thing that comes to our mind is investments and the rate of returns that these investment options can fetch. We tend to delay buying a life insurance cover as most of us believe that insurance is not useful. However, it is one of the essential steps of financial planning.

5 Immense Investment Lessons to Learn From Lord Ganesha

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is going to start; it's the ideal chance to take a gander at our darling God and gain proficiency for certain significant Lessons about Investing.Lord Ganesha is insightful, sympathetic, and an extraordinary assistance to those looking for his endowments. You can apply the iconography of Lord Ganesha in each part of life. Obviously, Ganesh ji is the divine force of thriving and riches.

3 Immense Alternatives to Fixed Deposits

Looking for an alternative for Fixed Deposits offered by Banks? Fixed deposits are the best investment option for entirely risk-averse investors. However, some of the fixed deposit alternatives have gained popularity in recent years.

Should you copy other’s Investment Decisions?

Have you heard of the phrase: One man’s mead is another man’s poison? This phrase perfectly sums up the impact of copying another person’s investment decisions in the stock market. Everyone invests in the stock market to make money. And while the end goal is the same, the paths to reach that goal can be different.


An elephant and a dog became pregnant at the same time. Three months down the line the dog gave birth to six puppies.Six months later the dog was pregnant again, and nine months on it gave birth to another dozen puppies. The pattern continued.

Excellent Opportunities In A Turbulent Market

Does turbulent weather or rough seas deter us from flying or sailing? The benefits of flying or sailing far outweigh the risks. In other words, we have learnt to manage these risks. Why not apply the same to EQUITY MARKETS?

Key factors which should impact buying health insurance plans

The cost of medical care is rising day by day. Health care is important but it is tricky. No one cares about the price when you or someone from your family is going through any illness or surgery. It

Portability Of Health Insurance Plans

What is Portability? Health Insurance Portability refers to the eligibility of a policyholder to switch or change to another Insurer or another Insurance plan. The benefits are intact which the policy

Markets And Your Investments

Nov 25, 2020. The equity markets have continued their upward journey further into uncharted waters and, for the first time in the history FPI buying crossed Rs 50,000/- crores in a single month. As

Keep The Faith

Kamala Harris smashed the glass ceiling by becoming the first female VP of the USA. We at Pragati Funds also agree that one need not confirm to set norms always and should go beyond. While indices con

Documents you need for health insurance purchase and claim

Health Insurance has become a great savings tool in today’s time. Out of all, it is the best type of investment you can make. It helps in the time when you need it most – medical emergencies.

Is a Health Insurance Policy with OPD Cover Advisable

Health and wealth are the two most important things in the life of every individual. And out of both, Health is considered to be the priority. That is why we have the saying, “Health is Wealth”. I

Current markets,economy and your investments

One of Warren Buffets favorite dictum is – Rule 1: Don’t Lose Money Rule 2: Don’t Forget Rule 1 For quite some time now many markets, including the NASDAQ, have been making all-time highs


The COVID 19 pandemic has brought in focus the need for significant health insurance covers. The burgeoning health care costs inflating at a rate of more than 12 % annually has resulted in recategoriz


On 13th May 2020, the govt announced the so-called big bang stimulus amounting to INR Twenty Lac Crore. The industry and experts welcomed it as being more than their expectations. Critics are cynical


Personal Financial Planning is the process of planning for money to be made available for oneself in the amount that one wants it, at the time one wants it and in the manner, one desires to have it.

What Makes Estate Planning So Important

Shyam Kapoor then just 40 years old, inherited a flourishing business in textiles. His father RAM KAPOOR had painstakingly built the business from scratch. It was valued at 200 crores when he passed

Smart Money Management Strategies To Build Wealth

When Mr. A friend passed away leaving behind a setup and good wealth for his family. He realized how important it is to manage your finances well. Many of us have come across instances where due to im

SIPs To Invest In After Financial Budget 2020

Investment is a decision-making process one needs to be paying attention to the best. It is your hard-earned money that you are investing for better future returns. When you are investing for the futu

The Statement From Fed Chair Powell Yesterday Is Very Significant

The statement from fed chair Powell yesterday is very significant and can lead to an up move in Emerging Markets (bonds, equities, and currencies). Also considering that EMs underwent a tough year in

Various categories of funds defined by SEBI

With a plethora of fund types available, The layman finds it confusing to distinguish one type form the other. So here is a list of various categories of funds defined by SEBI (Securities of Exchange Board of India)


Unlisted Stocks refer to the scrips of companies which have not yet gone to the general public to raise capital to the IPO route and therefore their stocks are not listed on the common exchanges like the BSE & NSE. Businesses are in different stages of evolution before the company finally goes public. Investing in the pre-IPO stages has benefits of purchasing a future multibagger at attractively lower prices, being able to take exposure in new age, new tech companies. On the flip side the liquidity in such scrips will be lower compared to the publicly traded scrips.

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