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Is a Health Insurance Policy with OPD Cover Advisable

  November 3,2020

Is a Health Insurance Policy with OPD Cover Advisable



Health and wealth are the two most important things in the life of every individual. And out of both, Health is considered to be the priority. That is why we have the saying, “Health is Wealth”. If you are healthy enough, everything will take care of itself. 

Health has become a big issue, especially during current times. There is a deadly virus going on along with a lot of pollution, chemicals used in food, etc. Prevention from such diseases and illnesses is essential but in order to live a fast-paced life, it becomes difficult to control everything. Health insurance provides much-needed assistance during such times as it takes care of the financial aspects whereas you recover and be healthy again.

However, health insurance alone won’t cover everything. Health insurance will not cover a toothache, hearing aid, contact lenses, and any external medical examinations, vaccination (if not a part of post-treatment), and any psychiatric illness. 

Health Insurance with OPD Cover

Health insurance policies cover the cost of consultations, checkups, treatments, etc. They do not cover other expenses. Whereas a Health Insurance with OPD cover will include the cost of other minor ailments and illnesses. OPD stands for Out-patient Department, which means the person does not have to be admitted i.e. stay at a hospital overnight to avail the insurance. OPD cover includes Outpatient department expenses. 

Benefits of OPD Cover

The cost of being hospitalized and other medications is certainly high in India. A single visit to the hospital can cost a lot. A normal Insurance Policy will not cover all expenses, OPD cover will benefit the insurer to cover hefty hospital charges. The other benefits of OPD cover are as follows:

The consultation, diagnosis, and treatment might not always need an overnight stay at the hospital. OPD will cover the expenses in such cases. 

Other doctor consultations for toothache, hearing aid, eye checkups are covered under OPD.

It covers minor treatments and surgeries. For example, Fractures, Brain and body scans, etc.


Should you buy a Health Insurance with OPD Cover

A word of caution here. Health Insurance with OPD cover is more costly than normal Health Insurance. A standard Health Insurance will cost around Rs. 8,000 for a family of four. Whereas similar Insurance with OPD cover will cost Rs. 32,000. Moreover, OPD might not always cover all daycare activities. Hence, it is important to check with your insurance agent.

OPD cover is more costly because it is more likely to be utilized than the standard insurance policy. It has to be thoroughly studied and decided based on age, the medical requirement by the insured. In contrast to the cost, it is really beneficial on a given day when someone is in need.  

Pragati Funds

Pragati Funds is rich in experience, having a satisfied clientele and dedicated personnel. There are a variety of feature-rich products that makes us a perfect choice for your Health Insurance in Vadodara. Book your appointment now to discuss which product suits you the best that helps you reach your financial goals. For more details, visit:

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