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Keep The Faith

  November 9,2020

Keep The Faith



Kamala Harris smashed the glass ceiling by becoming the first female VP of the USA. We at Pragati Funds also agree that one need not confirm to set norms always and should go beyond.

While indices continue to make new highs, we steadfastly stick to the concept that  “IT IS FAR BETTER TO BUY A WONDERFUL COMPANY AT A FAIR PRICE THAN A FAIR COMPANY AT A WONDERFUL PRICE“.

Our perspective on how to approach the current market can be summed up as follows:

1. For the moderate and risk averse investor —-Debt funds with maturities depending on your time horizon and with minimal credit risk. 2. For the cautiously aggressive —-SIP / STP in an equity fund 3.  For the Aggressive investor wanting to generate Alpha—Short term, positional calls in Direct Equity.

We continue to Keep the faith in equities as an asset class having the highest potential to create wealth with the Right Direction, Right Speed and Timing, Emotionally unbiased, forward-looking approach.

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