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  September 24,2021

4 Strategies to do follow when the stock market is trading at all time high 

Unable To Decide Your Stand In This All-time High Market, Wondering Whether To Invest More Or Book Profits.
While Everyone Sees It As An All-time High Market, We See It As A Till Date High Market. 4 things to do when the stock market is trading at all time high.

all time high market

In Sensex, new highs are meant to be created in the long run. The only direction Sensex has gone is upwards. Short-term fluctuations are part of the game, but ultimately it goes up. Timing the market can be exciting, but the risk of getting it wrong is much greater. As a matter of fact, if you had invested one lack rupees on one Jan 2003. In Sensex, the value as on 31st, January 2020 would have been 12 lacs. As we know, the returns in equity are nonlinear and there are few good days when the market gives impressive results. So staying invested is the game.

When You Initially Constructed A Portfolio In The Beginning Of The Cycle, Markets Must Have Been Quite Different. Now That So Much Time Has Elapsed In Between, Chances Are The Valuations Might Have Changed. So First Of All You Need To Analyse And Categorized All The Stocks In Your Portfolio

4 strategies to follow

It might happen that your portfolio is composed only of small-cap or mid-cap stocks. In a rising market, a concentrated portfolio might increase your chances of losing money. When markets are really high, you need to diversify. In diversification, you need to include stocks of different market capitalization. You can switch your equity funds to debt funds if you have plan to withdraw some amount in short term period.

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