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SIPs To Invest In After Financial Budget 2020

  February 28,2020

SIPs To Invest In After Financial Budget 2020



Investment is a decision-making process one needs to be paying attention to the best. It is your hard-earned money that you are investing for better future returns. When you are investing for the future, you neither know your future need nor you can predict future returns. One can only analyze and observe the current and past performance of investment options to make a judgment. With economic fluctuations across the globe and different countries approaching differently, it is crucial to decide the best investment option. With the financial budget 2020 declared and in process of implementation, it is a question investors have of which investment works best.

Today, the most propagated plan is for SIP Systematic Investment Plans. The main reason for these plans being more acceptable is, it is possible in small and monthly option. Today’s younger generations prefer to spend money more on living present than the future. But at the same time, it is important to secure your future. Hence, SIP helps to achieve both kinds of goals. It gives you the flexibility to invest in small amounts every month, instead of the traditional method of investing once in a year.

The financial budget 2020 calls for investment in large-cap & multi-cap funds. Large-cap funds are less risky in comparison to multi-cap funds, as they are investments into stable and large organization. Whereas multi-cap funds offer the option of shuffling the funds with more options. Multi cap has a more companies to select from in comparison to large-cap funds. So 2020 is more ideal for large and multi-cap funds. Although multi-cap is more exposed to risk, it offers a lot of flexibility to the fund manager and gives him more room to manuevoure in a dynamic market.

Few multi-cap funds that can be considered in financial year 2020

1. Axis Multicap Fund

2. Sundaram Equity Fund

3. SBI  Multicap Fund

If investor is comfortable with moderate to high risk, A multi-cap is preferred. Multi cap funds are ideal for five to seven years of investment horizon.

PRAGATI FUNDS in Vadodara has been assisting investors REALIZE THEIR FINANCIAL GOALS for the past fifteen years and we are proud of not the size of business but in the happy investment experience our investors undergo. The firm is equipped with an experienced and trained customer support team and all market updates.

Are you planning to invest in SIP? We are here to help call: +91 972 541 0042

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