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Different types of Debt Mutual Funds

Different types of Debt Mutual Funds which will help to understand how to choose mutual fund as per your investment

Importance of Portfolio review

While investing for any specific goal, we always assume some rate of return from the investment based on some rationale. Actual return may vary time to time from assume return, so it becomes very important to check whether we are getting that return or not.

Various categories of funds defined by SEBI

With a plethora of fund types available, The layman finds it confusing to distinguish one type form the other. So here is a list of various categories of funds defined by SEBI (Securities of Exchange Board of India)


Unlisted Stocks refer to the scrips of companies which have not yet gone to the general public to raise capital to the IPO route and therefore their stocks are not listed on the common exchanges like the BSE & NSE. Businesses are in different stages of evolution before the company finally goes public. Investing in the pre-IPO stages has benefits of purchasing a future multibagger at attractively lower prices, being able to take exposure in new age, new tech companies. On the flip side the liquidity in such scrips will be lower compared to the publicly traded scrips.

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