Pragati Funds | Wish to Travel the World? Know How to Save Money


Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Wish to Travel the World? Know How to Save Money

All of us wish to travel the world but only a few of us know how to save money. If you have been planning to travel, the first thing you should work towards is analyzing how much you need to save. Once you know how much you have to save, you need to analyze how much time you will take to save it. Traveling around the world is going to cost you a significant sum of money. Therefore, you plan to go on a trip, you need to plan the expenses.

Having a proper budget can only be helpful for you. Some of the prominent ways to save money for traveling include the following

Have a saving plan

Having a saving plan is extremely necessary. A proper saving plan divided into five different steps can only be helpful for you. The 5 step saving plan include the following

Assess your expenses

Before planning your trip you need to be aware of your financial situations. If the expense is out of your pocket, maybe you are dreaming too big. Therefore, it is necessary that you cut down on travel expenses if it does not fit your budget.

Set goals

Since you are planning to save money, your goals should be not only focused on long-term but short-term ones. Having high goals will eventually ruin your mood. Therefore, you may prefer avoiding it.

Have a plan

Nothing is going to work out if you don’t have a savings plan. A savings plan will eventually help you accomplish your goals. You need to make hard decisions and give up on your extra expenses. Having a strict budget and following it can only be helpful for you.


Once you have your plan, you need to ensure that you get into motion. Abiding by the plans will eventually help it.


You need to control all your spending habits. You should keep a check on all the progress made each month and need to ensure that you bring about all the engagements.

Stick to your plan

Once you have prepared the plan, you need to ensure that you can save money. Every time you need to analyze and determine why you are saving the money. You need to stick to your plan so that you can determine where you can visit. Saving money will eventually prove to be helpful in the long run. Once you have analyzed all the aspects, you need to follow a simple life, sell extensive stuff and ensure better income. You need to ensure that you don’t spend much so that you can save money in the long run and set out to explore your dream.

Get a dedicated travel fund

Planning for your vacation will eventually need you to begin planning for your travel fund. Having a travel fund is one of the most exciting aspects of vacations. You can create an account, where you need to deposit money regularly so that it can become easier for you to save money. Moreover, you can check your money from time to time. Even if you can submit $5 one day, you should do it. Once you develop this habit, it will become a habit for you. With small investments, you can eventually grow in the long run.

Eat out less

If you are in the habit of eating out, you need to cut out on your overall expenses. While you may prefer going out, staying home and cooking for yourself can eventually help you save money. Believe it or not, if you need to consume by yourself, you can save up to 200-300inr each day. Also, eating home-cooked food is healthy, so you wouldn’t want to lose on all the benefits.