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Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

What Clients Say

I have been interacting with Shri Sanjay Relekar of M/s Pragati Funds for about last ten years in connection with periodical investments in the Mutual Funds. I find that he is endowed wlth a capacity to do financial and technical analysis of various funds – equity, balanced, debts and their different variants. This enables him to render unbiased advice based on the latest economic and financial parameters. He does not hesitate to politely disagree with my views, whenever so needed. Transacting through him is indeed very smooth and pleasurable. Post investment, he renders good and prompt service such as generating periodical status reports, information regardlng dividends declared and disbursed, from time to time. He is always quick to provide any relevant information when needed. His team of officers and assistants is very courteous and prompt to answer. For past few years, my son Piyush has also been interacting independently with Shri Relekar and based on his experience; he fully echoes my above views. We wish Shri Saniay Relekar and his organization a bright future and success.

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